Saturday, March 10, 2012

1.1 - Welcome to the Island

"What? Is this it? How am I supposed to live here?"

Relax! I've played this challenge before! Why don't you introduce yourself while I level the lot and give you what you need?

"Oh, okay..."

"Hello, people of the internet! I am Princess Danielle of the Isle. I've been sent here by my stepmother. I'm not sure why exactly, but after my stepbrother was born and my father passed, my stepmother has been strongly encouraging me to see more of the world. It doesn't make sense though - this little island hardly counts as seeing the world..."

That's enough now - no need to go into too much detail about a backstory.

"A what?"

A backstory - the story I made up about what happened to you before you got here.

"Made up? What do you mean? I remember it all quite clearly..."

Note to self: never give a backstory to a stupid Sim again.

"What? I'm not stupid!"

Only because the stupid trait (available if you use the AwesomeMod) punishes me more than it punishes you.

"Now you're just being rude!"

My apologies 'princess'. *eyerolls* Just continue with the introduction...

"Fine then. I'm Brave and a Loner..."

Because the challenge creator apparently couldn't imagine a situation where someone would move to the island if they weren't...

"...And a Natural Cook, Savvy Sculptor, and Disciplined. My favorites are sushi, classical music, and pink. Oh, and my lifetime wish is to be Swimming in Cash."

Apologies for the cliches. Alright, I'm done with the lot.


What? It's everything you need to keep all your needs met, and at this point you'll want as much money in your pocket.

"I guess..."

The more money in your pocket now, the sooner you'll be neck deep in money...

"In that case I approve!"

I thought you might. Now, get to sculpting! And I'll let you handle most of the narration from here on out.

"Now I don't know just how ladylike it is to sculpt, but it is an art form and I have talent.  Naturally I started with clay.  The player says that it also happens to be a good way to make money, and unfortunately in this abysmal location having more money is rather important.  But other than that, it doesn't seem like such a bad place.  I do enjoy the solitude - I'm not one to mind being on my own.  Still, it would be nice to have a little company.  Wait... who is that?"

That's a papergirl, you're not allowed to interact with her.

"Why not? Do we really have to follow..."

She's a peasant...

"Eeek! Keep it away!"

*rolls eyes*

"Of course, being a Princess living in such a remote location, I can only assume that a Prince will arrive soon. It happens all the time in these circumstances. And as I sculpt I can't help but imagine what mine will look like. He's sure to be handsome - all Princes are."

"But there's more to being a Princess than being rescued by a handsome Prince. We also naturally attract a lot of animal friends. And, as you can see, I'm very much a Princess. My animaltourage here is a raccoon, three wild horses, and a doe, while a number of cats have passed through without staying long. Horses, being such noble creatures, are quite deserving of names even in their wild state, so I've been calling the darkest one with the white mane Stripe, the other dark one with the short mane is Star (not seen in this photo), while the white one is clearly a princess among horses, so her name is Princess. And... wait, who is that? Is that a man?"

Oh, that's a mailman - someone else you can't interact with.

"Well why not? He looks handsome..."

Um, he's also a peasant.

"Eeek! Keep it away!"

Good old class-ism, keeping my Sim within the rules... Hey, what's wrong now?

 "The toilet!  It's clogged!"

So, unclog it then.

"But I'm a Princess, I don't do that!"

If you don't, nobody will...

"This is not ladylike!  Not ladylike at all!"

"And worrying about bills is beneath me!"

Stop whining and get back to sculpting.

"I'd made some progress on my sculpting as time passed, though I every time I found myself growing used to my new life I'd see little reminders that I was alone.  Like when a buck joined the doe today, and showed no signs that he'd be leaving her side."

"All I have is my sculpting.  I'll admit that I have a bit of a theme going.  But it's just so much on my mind as the days pass."

And now you've made a... sink?

"Well, I don't have one!"

You don't need one.

"But I want one!"

Sorry, but you need the money more right now.  Besides, I can't imagine that a wooden sink would last for very long.

And given that I keep catching you sculpting in your nightdress, and now you're using a chainsaw, I'd say you've settled in.

"Okay, this isn't very ladylike.  But I can be forgiven, can't I?  I do live here alone.  Aside from Mr. Gnome of Sculpting, of course."

Um, did you just lick the ice block and get your tongue stuck?

"Nuh, ah wuh netheh duh daht.  Ith nuh wuh iht ooks ike."


"Still no Prince, but I can't wait!  Do you think he'll be smart?  I hope so - well, smart and handsome.  But so far my only company is my animal friends."

"And they're around a little too much.  My player said that this gnome is supposed to help with that, but it doesn't seem to be working.  I guess I'm just too much of a Princess for a statue of an old ugly guy to work."

"Though the real problem is that I've just been getting really restless.  I took a short break from sculpting to catch a few fish and clear my head, but the real problem is that I'm starting to get lonely.  Which is weird because I usually don't mind being alone, but it's just been so long since I've spoken to anyone at all."

"But the good news is that I've moved from ice to stone in my sculpting, and now I'm really starting to make some money.  And my player says that this means I'll be able to take a trip off the island.  Perhaps I'll be able to find a Prince there - it seems like they're having trouble finding me all the way out here on this island."

"And just in time too - I think that if I went another day on my own I'd start to go a little crazy."

"So I called up the travel agency and arranged everything.  I'll be able to stay for a whole six days because I've been very happy on my little island.  That doesn't make much sense to me, but the player told me that's the way it works."

"China, here I come!"

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  1. This is great. I've never seen this sort of player discussing with sim POV before, it's hilarious.